Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

The week of National Mourning saw SMRT operate trains and selected bus services overnight twice in a week, with transport services operating on extended hours on other nights. This effort saw more than 400 of SMRT staff from buses and trains work through the night, thus allowing thousands of Singaporeans to pay their last respects to Mr Lee.

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Station Stories: Marina South Pier MRT Station

Station Stories: We kick off this series of stories on our MRT stations with the terminus stations, the stations at the very end of the lines. 

NS 28: Marina South Pier

Located on reclaimed land, the Marina South Pier MRT (NS 28) station is the newest station on the North South Line. Opened on 23 November 2014, Sunday, the station is the southernmost station on the North South line. The station is located near the Marina South Pier and the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore and its 1.6 kilometers away from the next station, Marina Bay.

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Motivation and Capability

I read with great interest a letter in the Straits Times forum page on 13 March on “Motivating Transport Operators to Change”. I came away with respect for the writer, Lim Yi Fan. Although the letter was not addressed directly to SMRT, I have taken the liberty to add my voice to the conversation.

With some probity, the writer noted that: “the solution can be found only in the fundamentals.” I agree. The writer further suggested reviewing the existing contracting framework for the provision of public transport, and pegging it to a set of “performance indicators” to shape the behaviour and motivations of transport operators.

This may well be a necessary “step in the right direction”.

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SMRT Engineering Trains – Track Tamping Vehicle

Track Tamping Vehicle (TTV)

The SMRT Trains group employs an extensive range of specialised vehicles to maintain our rail network. Grouped under the Engineering Trains Branch (ETB), these vehicles roll out from our depots after passenger trains have completed service. Get to know the key workhorses of ETB, used by our engineers while the rest of Singapore is asleep in this series.

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