Bus Captain Sng Eng Tiong – The “Sweet” Bus Captain

SMRT celebrates outstanding service excellence with the CEO Service Excellence awards. The awards recipients have all gone out of their way to show an exceptional level of service for commuters and colleagues alike. They serve as a example to all of us at SMRT that service excellence comes from within.

Bus Captain Sng Eng Tiong has been featured before in other news and blogs, like mothership.sg. Bus Captain Sng is known to many as the sweet bus captain because of the basket of sweets and treats that he has next to his seat.  A simple sign explains it all, “Please help yourself to the candy and have a sweet journey ahead.”

Bus Captain Sng shares his motivations and inspiration behind this simple act of kindness.

The service excellence course (that all SMRT employees will go through) got me thinking of delivering service in a more creative way. I wanted to bring on smiles in everyone who journeys with us and tap on the empowerment that has been given to me. At that time, I also remembered watching a news report about a taxi driver who provided mints at the back of his taxi and a short greeting note to bring a smile to his passengers’ faces.

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