Constant improvement and renewal of our rail network

We previously put up a couple of post here here and here on the various multi-year projects SMRT is carrying out in order to renew and improve the aging network. If you didn’t have a chance to read the posts earlier, here are some excerpts about some of the projects that are going on.


Siemens Train at SMRT depot

1. Upgrading older trains to enhance fleet reliability

“The upgrade is more than a makeover that gives our passengers clean and brightly lit cabins with comfortable seating. When completed in 2018, the upgraded C651 Siemens trains will have new or refurbished train sub-systems such as new air conditioning, electric doors (which are more silent and reliable compared to pneumatic doors powered by compressed air on older trains), brakes and propulsion systems.”

Resignalling works

2. Re-signalling will allow us to run more trains with less signalling faults

“The new system supplied by Thales Canada is one of the most advanced train signalling systems in the world. When all the new trains arrive to our network, this will allow trains to be spaced 100 seconds apart, which is an improvement from the 120 seconds time between trains under the decades-old system. More frequent train arrivals, especially during peak hours, means less congestion at station platforms and a faster journey for passengers.”


SMRT Sleeper replacement

3. We have successfully replaced all 96,000 wooden sleepers on the North-South Line
“Passengers on the North-South Line enjoy a smoother and safer journey with old wooden sleepers replaced with longer lasting concrete ones. We are now working to replace 92,000 wooden sleepers on the East-West line. Works began in May 2015. We are on track to finish this by end 2016.”


This short two-minute video summarises the four main projects that are currently underway so that we can bring you a safer, more comfortable and more reliable journey.

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