Free travel on board SMRT on National Day 2015

SMRT will offer free travel on board all its bus and train services on National Day (9 August 2015). Free travel will take effect on Sunday, 9 August 2015, from the start of service to the end of operation and this includes services on the North-South East-West Lines, Circle Line and the Bukit Panjang LRT. Connections between rail lines operated by the two Public Transport Operators will also be free. Commuters taking SMRT trunk and feeder bus services, as well as SMRT’s Night Rider, can board any bus free of charge.

The free travel offered on Singapore’s 50th birthday encourages people to attend the National Day celebrations island-wide.

On 9 August, commuters will not need to tap their EZ-Link cards to board trains or buses. Fare gates at MRT stations on the North-South East-West Line, Circle Line and Bukit Panjang LRT stations will be left open on National Day as SMRT welcomes commuters to travel on its train network.

As Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday, SMRT will make National Day special with activities at 10 MRT stations and five bus interchanges. SMRT management and staff will greet commuters and give out limited edition SG50 buttons and EZ-Link Card Stickers.

SMRT SG50 Red and White Bus Button SMRT SG50 Red and White Train Button SMRT SG50 Mosiac Bus Button SMRT SG50 Mosaic Train Button
SMRT SG50 Red and White Bus EZLink Sticker SMRT SG50 Red and White Train EZLink Sticker SMRT SG50 Mosaic Train EZLink Sticker SMRT SG50 Mosaic Bus EZLink Sticker

Buttons and EZ-Link Card Stickers will come in four different designs and will be given out at 15 SMRT locations

Photo walls will be set up where commuters can take memorable photos. These activities will help welcome commuters travelling on SMRT’s train and bus network on National Day.

SMRT SG50 Photowall

SMRT SG50 Photowall

Mr Desmond Kuek, President and Group Chief Executive Officer said: “SMRT staff at our train stations, bus interchanges and aboard our trains and buses look forward to meeting you as we roll out free travel across our bus and train network on National Day. With SG50 celebrations taking place island-wide, we would like people to come travel with us as we bring them around Singapore to see, experience and enjoy celebrations held to mark Singapore’s 50th birthday. Our most meaningful contribution to the people of Singapore is a safe, reliable and customer-centric transport service that will carry Singapore forward for years to come. This we are determined to deliver as we renew our rail infrastructure and continue to enhance our service touchpoints, setting our sights on the future with a transport network that Singaporeans are proud of. On behalf of Team SMRT, we wish the people of Singapore a Happy National Day!”

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