Going the Distance: Amran Bin Abdul

Service excellence is one of SMRT’s core values. Our service excellence ambassadors frequently go beyond the call of duty to help our commuters. Some of our staff have been fortunate to be awarded the National Kindness Award – Transport Gold 2017.

Senior Assistant Station Manager Amran Bin Abdul’s family and friends know that he is always extending a helping hand.

In December 2017, when MRT stations on the North-South and East-West Lines were closed to facilitate maintenance work, Amran took the initiative to return to work even though his shift had ended. He was about to take a bus home, when he decided to turn around and change into his uniform again.

“When I ended my shift around 8.30pm, it was raining heavily. I knew that the interchange was going to be crowded with commuters. I just felt my colleagues could use the extra help to guide commuters to the shuttle buses,” said Amran, who has been working at Jurong East MRT station for the last 18 years.

Amran was approached by a commuter who was accompanying an elderly man trying to get to Boon Lay. Despite being offered a wheelchair, the elderly passenger insisted on walking to the bus stop where the shuttle bus services were picking up passengers. Amran patiently assisted the passenger to the bus stop and waited for the bus with him. He made sure that the gentleman safely boarded the bus, before he continued with other duties.

Thank you for travelling with SMRT. We will continue to work hard to bring on smiles, every day and in everyone who journeys with us.

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