North-South East-West Line Trains in SMRT

Did you know that 141 trains are currently used to operate SMRT’s North-South East-West Lines? There are four different models and while all of them share the same dimensions (23 metres long, 3.2 metres wide and 3.7 metres tall), the train weights are different for each model, ranging from 210 tonnes to 228 tonnes.

SMRT trains in depot

1. Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) C151

SMRT_KHI_Train_SQ SMRT’s oldest trains, the KHI, underwent a two and a half year mid-life refurbishment programme in 2006. These trains were then put through an upgrading and improvement programme from 2010 to 2013.



Years in service: 1987

Country of Origin: Japan

Total number of trains: 66


2. Siemens (SIE) C651

SMRT_SIE_Train_SQ The second generation trains were introduced to support the train service of the Woodlands extension. The Siemens trains are the easiest to spot as they are the only trains that come in SMRT’s white and red livery.



Years in service: 1994

Country of Origin: Austria

Total number of trains: 19


3. Kawasaki Heavy Industries & Nippon Sharyo (KNS) C751B

SMRT_KNS_Train_SQ The KNS train is slanted, giving it a more streamlined look. The train looks like its smiling at you. These 3rd generation train were introduced when SMRT opened the Changi Airport Line.



Years in service: 2000

Country of Origin: Japan

Total number of trains: 21


4. Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CSR Qingdao Sifang (KSF) C151A

SMRT_KSF_Train_SQ SMRT’s newest trains, the C151A has a similar design to the C751B, sporting the same “smile”.




Years in service: 2011

Country of Origin: China

Total number of trains: 35




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    • SMRT Editors says:

      Hi Alvin,
      Initially, we wanted to go with the country of the manufacturing company. But you are absolutely right, the C651 was manufactured in Austria. We’ve edited that accordingly. Thanks!

  1. Bin Hao says:

    Hi SMRT,how about including interior photos of all train models?Also would you update the page to include the C151B when it starts service next year?Pls ignore the earlier comment as i mispelt my name


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