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Our achievements renewing the NSEWL to serve you better

We have successfully replaced all 96,000 wooden sleepers on the North-South Line
Passengers on the North-South Line enjoy a smoother and safer journey with old wooden sleepers replaced with longer lasting concrete ones. We are now working to replace 92,000 wooden sleepers on the East-West line. Works began in May 2015. We are on track to finish this by end 2016.

Re-signalling makes good progress
The decades-old signalling system is being replaced by a state-of-the-art train signalling system – one of the most advanced in the world. The re-signalling work on trains, tracks and stations is making good progress with 91% of the North-South Line complete and 44% of East-West Line re-signalling work done. When completed, this project will allow trains to travel closer to one another, which means you will have a shorter time waiting for trains at MRT stations. More frequent train arrivals also reduce congestion. As trains can travel closer to one another, the benefits from the new signalling system will be optimised when SMRT’s Rail Operations planners have a sufficiently large fleet of trains for daily deployment.

On track to upsize the NSEWL train fleet
The NSEWL train fleet has never been bigger. More than half of the 45 new C151B trains for the NSEWL will be delivered by the middle of 2016. Two have already arrived and will start serving passengers next year.

Driving towards more Trains professionals
We have doubled the number of engineers since December 2011 and aim to increase this to 400 engineers in March 2018. We are also hiring more technicians and expect to have 2,600 technicians in March 2018. This represents the largest engineering workforce in SMRT’s history. The bigger number of trains professionals will be tasked with maintaining SMRT’s train network to serve passengers better by keeping reliability, availability and maintainability high.

We’ve started a blog to keep you updated
With behind-the-scenes stories and exclusive updates, the SMRT Blog (which we started in March 2015) keeps you informed and updated on progress of the NSEWL modernisation.

Twitter feeds provide real-time travel updates and advice
SMRT’s Twitter feed is one of the top actives among Twitter users in Singapore. Real-time travel updates via Twitter give travel advice and situation updates during disruptions that take longer to resolve. SMRT Facebook has also been steadily growing its subscriber base.

We are among the safest metros in the world
As we strive to renew the NSEWL, SMRT ranks among the safest metros in the world. We maintained a zero incident rate for rail service collision and derailment. The passenger injury rate in FY2015 was at an all-time low of 0.004 per million, while compares favourably to the safety threshold of 0.4 per million set by the regulator.

We have achieved much, but a lot more remains to be done.

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