SMRT: 30 Years of Giving


At SMRT, we believe in having a positive impact on the communities we serve. With island-wide operations, we are committed to conducting our business in an economically, socially and environmentally–friendly manner that balances the interests of our stakeholders.

SMRT’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy ensures greater affinity between our CSR programmes and our vision of Moving People, Enhancing Lives. Our CSR objectives are to support sustainable development at SMRT, while giving back to society and building a fair and inclusive community. CSR at SMRT is defined by three fundamental principles relating to philanthropy, volunteerism, advocacy and operational practices.

These principles are encapsulated in our three pillars of:

Enabling mobility

Empowering through arts and education

Encouraging environmental sustainability

In August 2017, SMRT unveiled a $30 million Gift of Mobility Fund to benefit elderly and commuters with disabilities. Efforts include the sponsorship of specially equipped vehicles that can carry wheelchairs, and inclusive playgrounds configured for children with different needs, enabling all to mingle in a play setting that fosters diversity. SMRT will partner the Community Chest to channel the fund towards supporting those in need and enabling the social service sector.

The Gift of Mobility Fund will broaden and deepen SMRT’s collaboration with Community Chest to lend a helping hand to the public with mobility needs. Social service organisations can tap on this fund to explore partnership opportunities to improve mobility and inclusivity in Singapore.

In the last 30 years, SMRT has been actively involved in projects that enhance the lives of Singaporeans through greater mobility within and outside its public transport network. The Gift of Mobility Fund will enable SMRT to make more substantial contributions to mobility causes and extend its reach to an even larger segment of society, in particular the elderly and commuters with disabilities.

SMRT President and Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Desmond Kuek said: “Over the past 30 years, we have grown a strong tradition in SMRT of giving back to the community whom we serve.  Looking ahead, we will take our corporate social responsibility to a whole new level, with focus on inclusiveness and accessibility. Starting this year, we will set up a Gift of Mobility Fund of $30 million in cash and contributions in kind, and working together with our partners and beneficiaries, aim to reach out to better support those in our society with special mobility needs. This is in line with our vision of Moving People, Enhancing Lives.  Being at the fore of commuter service, we are committed to providing safe, reliable and comfortable rides for the more than one billion passenger journeys on our trains, buses and taxis each year.  And we want to also extend that service to include that one more elderly or special-needs person who might need a bit more care and support on their travel journey.”



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