SMRT Maintenance Operations Centre – Improving Rail Reliability

The new SMRT Maintenance Operations Centre (MOC) is located at Bishan Depot and plays a crucial role in improving rail reliability on the North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL). Built to complement the Operations Control Centre, which controls trains operations from SMRT’s HQ at North Bridge Road, the MOC is a great capability boost for SMRT’s real-time maintenance activation and response.

SMRT Maintenance Ops Centre

The MOC enables better quality and speed of maintenance in response to rail incidents by having experienced maintenance personnel from various engineering disciplines under one roof. Response time for incidents can be improved and the quality of realtime support provided to engineering staff attending to train, track or MRT station maintenance issues strengthened too as they have a direct line to MOC’s databases and diagnostic support.SMRT Maintenance Operations Centre

Information and data analytics are fed to MOC through condition monitoring tools, such as sensors installed on board MRT trains and trackside infrastructure allow for timely interventions that predict, prevent or pre-empt rail incidents.

Mr Lee Ling Wee, Managing Director, SMRT Trains said, “The new centre builds on past maintenance processes which saw engineering staff distributed across the NSEWL. With the MOC, engineering staff in the field are better networked, and provided with timely support when resolving complex, technical issues on the ground. Experienced staff from various engineering disciplines are co-located within the MOC where there is direct access to multiple databases presented in an integrated manner. Advice can be sent to field staff by voice, video or text messages, with a view to minimising delays and resuming train services as quickly as possible so that train service can resume quickly.”

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