Station Stories: Pasir Ris MRT Station

Station Stories: We kick off this series of stories on our MRT stations with the terminus stations, the stations at the very end of the lines. 

EW 1: Pasir Ris Station

Opened in 1989, Pasir Ris MRT Station (EW1) is the eastern terminal station of the East West Line. It is also the first above ground MRT Station in Singapore to begin installing half height platform screen doors.

At the heart of Pasir Ris New Town and located right next to White Sands Shopping Centre, Pasir Ris MRT Station, is helmed by a seven man strong team throughout the day.

Pasir Ris MRT Station is also the closest station to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal; where National Service Men board the ferry to go to Pulau Tekong for their Basic Military Training.


A common sight on many weekends.

A common sight on many weekends.

Senior Station Manager Yeo Eng Hong mentioned “It’s a common sight to see our men in uniform at Pasir Ris Station with their loved ones especially on Sundays when they are booking in”.

Being a terminal station, staff at Pasir Ris check every train to ensure that there are no belongings left behind in the trains. Late at night, our staff often wake up exhausted passengers who are oblivious that their journey has ended.

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