Station Stories: Changi Airport MRT Station

Station Stories: We kick off this series of stories on our MRT stations with the terminus stations, the stations at the very end of the lines. 

CG2: Changi Airport Station

The Changi Airport MRT Station (CG2) station was opened on 27 February 2002 by the then Minister for Transport, Mr Yeo Cheow Tong as one of the terminal Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations for the East West Line. It is located in between Singapore Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.

With no residential areas nearby, Station Manager Muhd Azhari and his team has the unique experience of dealing with tourists. “It is a challenging task as tourists often gets confused and some have difficulties conversing in English” says Muhd Azhari, who has been in SMRT for 8 years.

Changi Airport MRT Station Passenger Service Centre

The Station Staff at Changi Airport MRT Station’s Passenger Service Centre

A.Halid, Assistant Station Manager who has been working in SMRT for 18 years adds “Many passengers who just arrived in Singapore, often asks us on hotels that they can stay in. In most cases they don’t want the high-end hotels but instead asks about the cheap backpackers’ inn. To ensure that we are able to provide our commuters with the best answer we took the initiative to consolidate a list of hotels in Singapore”.

At Changi Airport MRT Station, peak hours are dependent on flight schedules. The station sees a higher flow of commuters from Thursdays to Saturdays as well as Sunday evenings.

Here are 5 things you may not know about Changi Airport MRT Station

  • Changi Airport MRT station has the widest platforms of any underground station in Singapore. It’s 26.5 meters wide.
  • It is one of the three MRT stations that have fare gates on the same level as the platform. (The other two stations are Bishan and Expo station)
  • Almost every day at least one passenger leaves a belonging behind at the platform.
  • The station has a list of every hotel in Singapore as well as the closest MRT station to these places. This is because Changi Airport Station staff commonly receive queries on hotel locations.
  • Grateful tourists thankful for the good service from station staff have presented them with soft toys and keep sakes as farewell gifts. You can see these displayed at the Passenger Service Centre.
Soft toys on display at the Changi Airport MRT Station PSC

Soft toys on display at the Changi Airport MRT Station PSC

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