Station Stories: Joo Koon MRT Station

Station Stories: We kick off this series of stories on our MRT stations with the terminus stations, the stations at the very end of the lines. 

EW 29: Joo Koon

At the western terminus of the East West line, lies Joo Koon MRT Station. Opened on 28 February 2009, Joo Koon MRT Station is unique as there are no residential areas surrounding it. Instead, there are numerous factories as well as army camps in its vicinity.

On weekdays, other than the usual peak hour traffic in the morning and evenings, Joo Koon MRT station is relatively quiet.


However it’s no walk in the park says Station Manager Sawal, who’s been in SMRT for the last 21 years.  “When we first started, there were no buildings around but now there are factories and once the extension (Tuas Link) comes up we expect to get busier”.  He further adds “Over the weekends the station can get crowded as at times bus loads of workers arrive”.

Station Manager Sawal is very familiar with the surroundings as he was part of the team that was working with LTA even before the station was operational.

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