Welcome to our Purple Train

The Purple Parade and Mural at Marina South Pier

The Purple Parade is a movement which supports the inclusion and celebrates the abilities of persons with special needs. In support of this event, SMRT has a special PURPLE TRAIN that will help spread awareness of this event. Have you spotted this specially decorated KHI train yet?





On the same day, 23 October, at Marina South Pier the “Singapore Tapestry” was unveiled. This 31 metre long, 2.6 metres tall mural was commissioned by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) as a gift to Singapore for SG50. It will be on permanent display at Marina South Pier.

Unveiling the Tapestry

Unveiling the Singapore Tapestry

Did you know that 20 of our very own SMRT staff were also involved in creating this mural?

Willy Lim and Ivan Ching, both Managers, Train Services were part of the project.

Ivan’s piece shows a train travelling upwards amongst flora and fauna with HDB blocks in the background. He explains that this means SMRT is ever progressing but with care for the surroundings. He even points out the elephant that he put in the lower left corner of the tile.

Willy’s tile represents Singapore progress for the past 50 years. He explains, “On the left you can see the kampung house grow into a HDB block. In the middle are a bus and a train, representing the progress in transport. And finally the tree on the right. You can see a tiny man resting underneath it. That shows that we can take a moment to rest and enjoy what we’ve worked hard for.”


Were you also one of the 20 that took part in the tile making activity? Head over to Marina South Pier and spot your tile. You can even share what your tile means with us!



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