Trains Operations Review: Nurturing Our People

Train Captain at Work

SMRT Trains has a workforce of 5,200 to support our goals of delivering service and reliability to our commuters. Stationed across the island, with some starting their day long before the first train service, our people are the cornerstone of our success.

Profile of SMRT Employees

As SMRT Trains’ headcount increases to meet growing capacity and maintenance needs, we continue to shape a lean and productive workforce.

Profile of SMRT Staff Age

Our people play a critical role in meeting commuter service expectations. We believe in cultivating an empowered engineering technical and operations workforce, and are focused on offering opportunities aplenty for their professional development to ensure that our engineering staff are well-equipped to manage our new and complex systems.

Staff Programmes

At SMRT, we believe that creating a workplace that is healthy, safe and conducive to high standards of performance is everyone’s responsibility.

We nurture a caring and cohesive culture supported by fair employment practices; proactively provide recognition, training and development for our people; and encourage them in their own journeys to build a rewarding life.

With our people at their best, we know that our commuters are in good hands too.

Graphics: SMRT Trains Ltd. Operations Review

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