Learn more about SMRT’s rail transformation journey here.

Starting this week, posters of our staff will be put up in our train stations and bus interchanges to profile the people at the forefront of our rail transformation effort. You may have seen posters like these featuring our engineering staff and MRT station colleagues during your journey.

Our staff have been carrying out a multi-year, multi-project effort that will modernise and renew the North-South East-West Line, Singapore’s oldest MRT line.

As much of their work takes place away from the public eye, the SMRT Blog will bring you behind-the-scenes so you can see and learn more about the work involved and the benefits it brings to our passengers.

SMRT We're working on it - RailTechOfficer

SMRT We're working on it - Train Workshop Tech Officer

SMRT We're Working on it - Bus CaptainSMRT We're working on it - Bus captain

SMRT We're Working on it - Assistant Engineer