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What happens during road closures?

During special events like National Day, roads are closed and bus services are diverted. What sort of work does the Buses Team have to do to ensure clear communications and smooth operations with the Bus Captains? Read on to find out more.







Service Controllers


Lim Gem Seng

Seated at the Bus Operation Control Centre (BOCC), the service controllers like Mr Lim Gem Seng have a complete overview of all bus services running at any one time. Should Bus Captains need assistance on the road, they can call back to BOCC and the service controllers are there to assist. It’s a two-way communication too as service controllers can also call the Bus Captains on the road when they receive information about roads that have been unexpectedly closed off due to accidents or other obstacles.

Route Controllers

Route Controller Sarojini


At the last bus stop before the diversion, Route Controllers like Sarojini inform all commuters on board about the change in bus route. This avoids surprises for commuters who may have missed the signs at the front of the bus about the diversions.

Bus Captains

Tey Tiong Siong

Tey Tiong Siong

At the interchanges, before the Bus Captains, like BC Tey Tiong Siong, head off on their route, they are reminded by their group supervisors on the road closures that they will encounter. When they are on the road, Bus Captains can also look out for the Route Controllers who are stationed at key junctions around the diverted area that will point the Bus Captain towards the correct direction.

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